BCPI's Web Based Document Management Hosting Service

BCPI Web Based Document Management Hosting Service

Document Hosting

BCPI's Web Based Document Management Hosting Service include a cost-effective
online document management system to maintain your organization's paper records, documents, etc., at our web hosting site.

Manage, archive and retrieve documents on-line across an enterprise.

Conveniently Store and Access Data Online without Capital Costs. Enjoy 24/7 online data access without additional investment in hardware, software or IT personnel. Outsource Enterprise Document Management (EDM) with this massive, ultra-secure, proven service.

Application is customized to meet your specific needs.

Users can institute a search and retrieval process using previously established indices and document identification anytime.

  • BCPI provides all the requisite management, infrastructure and support. 
  • We offer numerous document repository alternatives.
  • Access to the web is based on your current browsers. Only users with approved web access to the information. Information retrieval is only via logons and passwords.
  • All data stored at BCPI's hosting site is secure.

BCPI provides all administrative, backup, security, systems and database administration, software upgrades, hardware support and training. Internet access is available anywhere that has a secure connection.

For paper documents, BCPI can scan and index from paper (any size), microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, films, disk, tape, CD-ROM, DVD, RAID disk, Juke Box etc

BCPI can scan all of your documents, index and upload all documents to the hosting site or
Clients can do their scanning on their workstations and send data directly to the hosted server
Clients can scan data and transmit to us via SFTP/FTP, e-mail or DVD/CD and we then index and upload the documents.

For smaller volume applications, clients can use standard facsimile machines to transmit documents to us, we then index and upload them to the document management hosted system.

For micrographic data, our another alternative is to handle information as an "on-demand" basis.

We store the data in its original form and retrieve data from the microfilm, microfiche or aperture cards.

We scan the original format, convert it to electronic images, index it according to pre-established criteria and transmit it "on-demand" as FTP/SFTP or e-mail attachments.

Online application (hosting system) can be developed and implemented within few days.
We work with your users to develop a "Demo System" which can be created and demonstrated in a matter of only a few days. Users are able to see how the system actually works on our secure web servers.

Then, based on the Demo / Trial, a system can be customized and installed.

We can also install a similar imaging system within your company's Intranet working in conjunction with your IT Staff and corporate users. This approach retains all data within the corporate network.