Do you have important information stored on paper documents? Do you worry about your archive of these documents, what if they are damaged or destroyed? What if there are simply too many of them and they're taking up too much room?

By using modern, 21st century technology, these paper documents can be changed to safe and permanent full color digital formats that cannot be altered, thus preserving the archive quality of the source material.

For example, PDF is an electronic file format that makes paper far less necessary than ever before. We can save literally millions of text documents to CD-R’s or DVDs, or onto flash drives, network storage drives, all with passwords and security protection. These documents stored onto digital materials can still be stored away from any common access, or made available through office networks. The possibilities are many, and BCPI can make a customized solution for your archival and daily office access needs.

  • Historical file documents can be scanned into PDF files and saved digitally in full color.
  • Electronic files do not deteriorate like paper documents. They are not susceptible to fire and water damage, and can be easily duplicated to multiple security locations, creating fall-back versions in a limitless number if desired.
  • When needed, digital PDF documents can be printed-out, utilized, then recycled again.
  • New documents can be digitally made and locally stored into intra-office or internet systems, sent via email when needed, or added to existing archive systems.
  • A digital file made from Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., whether scanned from an older paper document or from a brand-new document, can be set to prevent any alteration thus preserving the archival nature of the creation date and time.
  • Adobe PDF files can be passed easily between distant offices via email, and password use can prevent third-party examination of the PDF.
  • Electronic document storage is much safer than old-fashioned paper document storage. Multiple copies of any digital file can be inexpensively made and stored indefinitely.
  • Using 21st century document technology meets the demands of 'green initiatives' and provide real money savings.

Saving important documents in full color in formats that prevent alteration (such as the Adobe PDF format) allows businesses to archive information without producing new paper storage responsibilities. In fact, you can now retire existing paper documents into safe, permanent formats that meet the requirements for a "green office."


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