BCPI DocuXplorer

Document Management Software


DocuXplorer is state-of-the-art document management software designed to secure and manage the life cycle of documents, records, images, email, faxes, and any other type of paper or electronic files from a single desktop screen. The key to DocuXplorer's great success is how easy it is to use for any size business.

DocuXplorer Overview

Adding Documents

  • Scan paper documents individually or in batches.
  • Import electronic documents
  • PDF Print driver to add documents from any Windows program
  • Windows Explorer Send To DocuXplorer command
  • DX In Box imports documents directly from any folder on your network or local drives by simply dragging and dropping the document to a DocuXplorer Folder
  • Scanned documents can be created as either PDF documents or TIFF image documents 

Finding Documents

  • Full Text Search to search by a word or phrase in either or both index data or document content
  • Wildcard Searches
  • Proximity Searches
  • Search by Field to create Boolean and/or search queries resulting in a specific set of documents
  • Search by a date range
  • Search by OCR text - OCR included at no additional cost
  • Search Engine automatically creates SQL statements to query the DocuXplorer database 
  • Saved Search Documents to quickly access often used queries  


  • Heads-up indexing - adding a document to DocuXplorer brings up a Document Window allowing you to preview your document while adding index data on the same screen 

Sets of User Definable Index Fields

  • Profile documents with up to 35 user-defined index fields in an Index Set
  • Multiple Index Field Controls allows you  to configure DocuXplorer precisely to your needs
  • Auto-complete Dynamic Data Fields to enter data in a field once and automatically fill the field from the history list as you start to type

  • Auto-complete Static Data Fields to create lists of specific relevant data

  • Speed index data entry using Auto-Indexing Variables to automatically populate index fields with data based on a predetermined set of variables including; incremental numbering, date, time, document location, and more


  • Create workflows based on index entries and simple queries saved as Saved Search Documents
  • Using two index fields, one a Static Data List with names of the users or groups responsible for the document, and another field, also a Static Data List, that describes the Status of the document in the Workflow, users can create a precise workflow that is easy to use and effective.
  • Queries based on the Workflow Fields can then be saved as Saved Search Documents. Saved Search Documents allow a user to rerun and refresh a Workflow query with a simple click of a mouse.
  • Saved Search Documents of Workflow Queries act like any other document in DocuXplorer and can be exported from DocuXplorer to your Desktop as an icon. The icon placed on the Desktop will automatically run Docuxplorer and present the user with the refreshed Workflow Query. 
  • Permission to modify Index entries can be assigned to a single individual or group to allow for a secure approval process.

Sharing Documents

  • Share individual documents as LinkFiles that can be attached to an e-mail. Clicking the LinkFile attachment will automatically run DocuXplorer and present the user with the specific document.
  • Share multiple documents using queries as Saved Search Documents. Saved Search Documents can also be attached to e-mails and will automatically run Docuxplorer and present the user with the Query Results List of documents.
  • Selection Lists are also used to share documents that may reside in various different folders in a Cabinet. Individually or as a highlighted group add the desired documents to a Selection List and save the list as a Saved Search Documents to share. Saved Search Documents can be attached to e-mails to notify the group or user of the shared documents.  

Document files that can be stored

  • Scanned paper documents 
  • Scanned PDF documents
  • Any computer-generated file (Word, Excel, PDF, CAD and more).

Application Design

  • Windows XP, Windows 2003 Server, Windows Vista, as well as Novell, Linux, Terminal Server, and Citrix servers, etc., compatible.
  • Modeled on the same physical dynamics used in your existing office environment.
  • A familiar hierarchical tree structure with a Virtual Library that contains Cabinets, Drawers, and Folders holding Child Folders and/or Documents 
  • DX Desktop is central to your interaction with the program. 
  • Easily move and copy documents using standard Windows conventions
  • Sort and group documents in a folder by simply dragging and dropping the folder’s column headers.
  • Summary footer fields can be added to view the sum, minimum, maximum, count, and average of a column.
  • Workflow is easy to setup using two Index Set Fields and Saved Search Documents. You can see more information on workflow below.
  • Share documents using Saved Search Documents and LinkFile Documents that can be attached to e-mails to be sent to an individual or group.

Document Viewing

  • Image Document Window to view image files (TIFF, JPG)
  • Associated Application Document Window provides a preview of imported PDF and computer generated files (Word, Excel CAD and more) allowing for speedy heads-up indexing.


  • Annotate any image document while keeping the integrity of the original document intact.
  • Make annotations permanent on an image document
  • Print image documents with or without annotations.

Versioning and Check-in/Check-out

  • Automatically save versions of changed documents with the time, date and author of the edited version.
  • Check out documents to allow a single user to edit. Users can then view the document but no other user will be able to make an edit to the document until it has been checked back in.

Global access to your documents

  • Access documents anywhere you have an Internet connection using Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, Citrix or other similar services.
  • Replication option allows DocuXplorer clients to automatically replicate Library data to multiple servers at local or remote locations.


  • HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, and NASD/FINRA compliant
  • Based on Users or Groups of Users
  • User or Group Permissions allow you to determine a users rights to access, edit, email, print, copy, move, or view, cabinets, drawers, folders, documents or Index Set fields associated with a document.
  • Import users from Active Directory
  • Network login allows logon based on workstation login to network
  • Application default properties are secured by the use of an administrator login
  • Inactivity logout time may be set for each workstation to secure confidentiality
  • Deny the ability to use Print Screen to get around program security.

Audit Trail

  • Document Event Log tracks every action taken on a document by time, date, and location. Log includes any changes made to associated document index data and e-mail recipient name.
  • Library Event Log tracks any changes made to all documents. Allows administrators to filter document events by user, date, action and more to track user action and create reports


  • Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint) to save emails or documents directly to DocuXplorer
  • Optional QuickBooks Integration to add and find documents directly from a QuickBooks transaction 
  • Junxure to save documents and index data directly from Junxure CRM
  • WoodPro Accounting Software
  • Vertical Market Accounting Software
  • and more...


  • Free, easy-to-use, API along with sample code to illustrate the integration of functions allows developers to easily integrate DocuXplorer with their software.  This highly intuitive and friendly API has allowed developer's to integrate DocuXplorer functions such as Add Document and Find Document to their software in just a few short hours.

Extended Database Features

  • Index Information Only documents allows DocuXplorer to act as a user defined database providing users with a method of storing and tracking index data that does not have an image or computer-generated file attached.