BCPI FCC Services

FCC Research Retrieval Service

1001 Regular Copy Service Per Page/Day $0.30
1002 Expedited Copy Service Per Page/Day $0.40
1003 Debit Card Service Per Unit $25.00
1004 Document Search and Retrieval Service Per Hour $95.00
1007 Shipping/Handling Services Per Order $6.00
1008 Database/ECFS/We/Printing Service Per Page/Day $0.32
1009 Diskette to Diskette /Zip Disc Copy Service Per Disk $18.00
1010 CD Rom to CD Rom Copy Service Per CD $25.00
1011 Microfiche to Paper Copy Per Page/Day $0.35
1012 Map/Odd Size Copy Service (over 8.5"x14") Per Page/Day $5.00
1013 Scanning to PDF Per Page $0.40


Request FCC Documents

For assistance in purchasing document subscriptions, FCC Communications, Files & Documents. Please contact us: (240) 671-4970 or (301) 816-2820


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