About BCPI Services

Aperture Cards

Conversion, translation, extractions: We can turn an office full of paper into a set of portable CD or DVD disks, databased and indexed.

Super high-volume quick copying
Small job and volume offset printing
On-Demand digital printing
Digital variable printing
Digitial files
In-house bindery
Pickup and delivery
Litigation support and printing
Large Format Printing
In-house storage available

Quick turnaround, special formats, publishing, binding and more.

We have a team of highly motivated and skilled personnel that meet client ’s needs in the field of total document management by working with clients, learning their needs and providing unparalleled services with state of the art technology. Forget looking thru messy file-cabinets, flipping thru hundreds of pages or misplacing documents.

• Data Conversion & Scanning with OCR, ICR, OMR and Raster Scanning.

• FCC Communications Files

• Electronic Storage & Output on disk, tape, CD-ROM, DVD, RAID disk, Juke Box, etc.

• E-Doc Warehousing & Hosting with 24/7 document database hosting offered on Secured site

• Custom Training and Consulting

• Websites

• Litigation /eDiscovery Support


DocuXplorer allows a user to centralize the access point into a whole realm of stored digital data: records, images, email, faxes, and any other type of paper or electronic files.