About BCPI

BCPI was established in April, 1989 and started operations in Bethesda, Maryland. BCPI is a corporate, Federal certified Document Management Solutions company.

We provide electronic documents, printing/copying and duplicating services to government agencies, businesses and individuals.

We have a team of highly motivated and skilled personnel that meet client’s needs in the field of total document management by working with clients, learning their needs and providing unparallel services with state of the art technology.

We are experiencing a substantial annual growth due to our ability to consistently meet our client’s expectations and schedules. Our customers include Federal Agencies such as HUD, FCC, FDA, GPO, US Army, NIH, and HHS.

Our aim is to implement component based imaging systems and to provide professionally authored products using the “Latest and Greatest” in today’s technology.

We strive to create specific solutions, which suit our client’s needs. Our emphasis is on technical expertise, product knowledge and personal understanding.

We believe strongly that a paperless environment is in your best interest.

Please use out online contact to ask about the service you are interested in.


DocuXplorer allows a user to centralize the access point into a whole realm of stored digital data: records, images, email, faxes, and any other type of paper or electronic files.