In January 2020 BCPI was awarded A New 20 Year GSA Contract Renewal

Rated with a 100% Performance Record under the previous 20-year contract, BCPI moves into the future with a new GSA contract.

We Really Are Green BCPI

BCPI is WOSB qualified and can be issued Sole-Source awards

BCPI is ready to help you meet your WOSB (Women Owned Small Business) contracting goals, our approved NAICS codes are 518210, 561439, 561499, 541199, 541611, 561110, 541612, 541618, and 541513.

The 21st Century Paperless Office

21st Century Paperless Offices not only provide the best management of your documents, but they help the environment. BCPI has the experience and the know-how to convert your office documents into an easily assessable system that is portable and saves space.

Flatbed Scanner

Image Scanning

Paper, Microfiche, Microfilm, Blowbacks, Aperture Cards, Blue Prints/Mylar, cards and more!

Flatbed Scanner

Database Services

SQL Server, MYSQL, Oracle, Access, DB design, development, conversion, analysis and management of custom DBs

Flatbed Scanner

Document Translation

We can move your documents from one format into another. You do not have to be trapped in an obsolete technology.


BCPI has converted literally millions of documents to modern database systems for the U. S Government and private businesses. We are experts at solving for data storage and conversion.


Cloud Computing is the answer - Imagine a central system, which takes away all the burden of hardware and software, including maintenance and expansion, just provides us with only services we need, be it storage or processing.

Find your document in Minutes with BCPI

Modernizing Document Access

Using minimal paper and converting all forms of documentation to a digital form is BCPI's specialty. The ideal goal of reducing paper usage creates productivity gains, costs savings, space saving, effeciency in the need to share information, and importantly, a reduced environmental impact.